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Launched in May 2015 by Haligonians Linda Peers and her sister, Anne Hebb, The Cultured Coconut was born out of a desire to create a fermented, non-dairy kefir that had the potential to make a significant difference in one's health.  

Being lactose-intolerant, Linda had tried a number of dairy alternatives over the years, but eventually settled on coconut milk. After doing further research though, she became concerned about the type of packaging in which they were sold, Tetra-Paks or aluminium cans. Bisphenol A (BPA), commonly used in the lining of canned coconut milk as well as food additives such as guar gum, carrageenan and sulphites, had been known to cause digestive issues. 

As a result, they settled on making their own coconut milk using 
cruelty-free, organic whole coconut from Mexico.  The next step would be to ferment these ingredients using traditional milk kefir grains. The end result was a probiotic teeming with up to 50 strains of healthy bacteria and yeast, and 300 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units).  

After taking months to develop, The Cultured Coconut was approved by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division.  Every batch is made in a licensed kitchen in Bedford, and quality-tested to be below 4.6 pH, the mandatory minimum standard set by the NS Department of Agriculture.  Each 500 mL bottle carries a Best Before label of 60 days from the bottling date, when kept refrigerated.  Once opened, it should be consumed within a month.

The Cultured Coconut is by far the most cost-effective probiotic available on the market. Compared to yogurt, The Cultured Coconut is over 170% more potent as a probiotic, per serving (based on 1.75 billion CFUs in 3/4 cup of Danone Active Probiotic Yogurt versus up to 300 billion CFUs in 2 TBSP of The Cultured Coconut).   And astoundingly, 3 times more effective than probiotic supplements (based on 100 billion CFUs in 1 probiotic capsule of Ultimate Flora, Ultra Potent). 

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